ANTI-PANOPTICON was founded in 2019 by Lennert Baerts. He surrounded himself with like-minded musicians, each with a unique voice and a passion for individuality. This individuality quickly became the general philosophy of this quartet. Together they strive for a personal artistic identity that is not be manipulated by the outside world, but is developing from the collective itself.

Besides the fact that the band is very strongly rooted in the jazz and improvisation tradition, every members considers the influence of (contemporary) classical music very important. This manifests itself in, among other things, the introduction of more elaborated scores and the broadening of conventional harmonies. However, the balance between these two main influences is something that ANTI-PANOPTICON wants to redefine every single concert. This means they are always looking for mystery, adventure and musical interaction.

With their first album, CHANNELING THE FLOOD, ANTI-PANOPTICON wants to make a statement. By using their own musical personality as a filter, they try to channel the daily flood of information and reduce it to what is essential to themselves.

ANTI-PANOPTICON consists of saxophonist and composer Lennert Baerts (BE), pianist Floris Kappeyne (NL), bassist Tijs Klaassen (NL) and drummer Jesse Dockx (BE).

Published by SoulFactory Records